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WorldWide                                                          Also in

                                                                            the neWs

                                                                           Education New Zealand
                                                                           announced it will roll over
                                                                           its Recognised Agency
                                                                           programme until the end of this

                                                                           New resources were added to the
         Canada favourably viewed as                                       Study Australia partner
         migration places set to increase                                  hub for agencies, including a
           tertiAry     AssociAted                                         marketing toolkit.
              anada is leading in international students’ perceptions of
              being an attractive destination, according to the latest     Agency group SI-UK continued
         Csurvey conducted by global higher education placement            its expansion with new offi  ces in
         agency IDP Education                                 Latin America and Asia.
           The Emerging Futures report was based on the responses
         of 10,149 IDP Education student clients from 93 countries, and
         compared perceptions of the fi ve major English-speaking higher
         education destinations.                                           Switzerland-based camp and activity
           Students rated Canada as clearly the highest on perceptions     provider friLingue acquired a
         of graduate employment opportunities, post-study work             hotel in Braunwald to off er a
         policies and welfare, and slightly ahead of rival destinations for   new residential location.
         value for money.                                        
           The USA and the UK were perceived as off ering the highest-
         quality education.
           Canada was also the fi rst-choice destination for 27 per cent   International educators in
         of the students surveyed, followed by the USA (20), the UK and    Korea are hopeful about a new
         Australia (both 19).                                              visa stream aimed at capitalising
           However, Canada’s migration pathways appeared to be an          on the popularity of Korean culture
         attraction for international students – 30 per cent of those who   and expected to allow private
         chose Canada as fi rst-choice said that they intended to apply for   institutions to be eligible to issue
         permanent residency.                                              visas.
           The next highest was those who chose New Zealand (23). Read
         the full story at:
           Meanwhile, the Canadian government released its 2022-2024       EHL Hospitality Business
         Immigration Levels Plan, with increased capacity in the streams   School opened a new campus
         typically used by students.                                       in Singapore.
           The Federal High Skilled category, which includes streams
         accessible to international students such as the Canadian Experi-
         ence Class, the Federal Skilled Work Program and the Federal      Donegal English Language
         Skilled Trades Program, will double from 55,900 places in 2022 to   School in Ireland announced the
         111,500 in 2024 – the largest increase outlined in the plan.      opening of a new, year-round
           There will also be an increase in the Provincial Nominee Pro-   junior residence in the coastal
         gram, through which some provinces can welcome international      surfi ng town of Bundoran.
         students to migrate permanently, from 83,500 in 2022 to 93,000 in
         2024. Read more at:

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