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         by Matthew Knott, News Editor
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         ukraine war impacts on sector

           lAnguAge     secondAry     tertiAry     AssociAted
             he war in Ukraine has had a major  Ukraine during the invasion, and insti-  Boycotts: Early in the war, a
             impact on international educa-  tutions, agencies and governments   group of more than 30 Ukrainian agen-
         Ttion, with agents fl eeing the   were involved in evacuation eff orts.  cies issued a joint statement to edu-
         country for safety, students evacu-  In the fi rst two weeks, two students  cation partners, calling for a boycott
         ated, calls for boycotts, and measures   were reported to have been killed, and   of Russian businesses and agencies.
         of support for displaced people.  there were reports of students being   Access at:
           agents: Ukrainian agents told ST   stranded in cities such as Kharkiv and   Relatively few institutions appear
         Magazine about their experiences.  Kherson. Some students also reported  to have publicly committed to a pause
           “We were in Kharkiv under bom-  discrimination in attempts to leave   in recruitment of Russian students,
         bardment. Kharkiv was the most   Ukraine, and the UN High Commission-  although some universities have
         beautiful city in Ukraine; we have   er for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said,   suspended exchange and research
         nothing now, soldiers destroyed his-  “At this critical juncture there can be   collaborations with Russian counter-
         torical and modern buildings, universi-  no discrimination against any person   parts. However, English test operators
         ties and schools,” said Natalia Pilgui,   or any group.”  ETS, IELTS and Pearson, announced
         Director of Only English. “I managed to   Support for ukrainian   suspensions of operations in Russia.
         escape from Kharkiv; the trip was long   students: Governments made   International House World Organisa-
         and exhausting... my husband wasn’t   concessions for existing student   tion also confi rmed a suspension of
         allowed to cross the borders because   visa holders and European countries   affi  liation for Russia-based members.
         of the martial law. I had to take my two  passed laws enabling tuition-free   In late March, a group of 36 Russian
         kids and cross the borders without   access to mainstream education for   agencies, led by association AREA,
         him. We went to Budapest, before   refugees. At the time of writing, the   published a statement to international
         heading for Malta.”              UNHCR estimated  4.2 million people   education partners, expressing thanks
           Helen Khilkova, General Manager of   had left Ukraine.          for continued support for students.
         DonStream, continued to work, sup-  UK College of English launched   Read more here:
         porting parents and students and pro-  a volunteer scheme to provide free
         viding translations, but ultimately had   online lessons for Ukrainian children,
         to depart Khiv. “It has been an exercise  and Oxford International Educa-
         of solidarity and global support. I think   tion Group off ered two free online
         that now we are even stronger in our   programmes. Associations including
         desire to show to the new generations   FDSV (Germany) and FELTOM (Malta)
         of students that there is a future and   reported on members’ support eff orts.
         they must keep going.” Read or add   In higher education, universities
         more accounts at  off ered scholarships, tuition waivers
           Students in ukraine: Around    and living stipends. Read more or add
         75,000 international students were in   details of off ers here:

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