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         Sector eyes recovery as more destinations                  MeI to end tuition protection
         relax entry rules                                          scheme, unveils new policy
           lAnguAge     secondAry     tertiAry     AssociAted        lAnguAge     tertiAry
              everal study travel destinations have relaxed entry measures   LT association Marketing English in Ireland
              or even lifted all restrictions in recent weeks.         (MEI) has announced an end
         SIreland was the first major study destination to completely  Eto its bonding scheme to protect learners,
         remove all Covid-19 entry requirements for all arrivals in early   with a new paid insurance scheme to be offered.
         March, regardless of where passengers were flying from or vac-  MEI has operated a bonding scheme since
         cination status. The UK followed suit, lifting all   2012. Protection arrangements are a require-
         testing and paperwork requirements for all passengers, regardless   ment for programmes to be included on the ILEP
         of vaccination status from March 18.        register of recognised courses for long-term,
           Canada retained its entry ban on unvaccinated passengers   non-EU students.
         (under 18 international students are exempt), but dropped pre-  MEI has created an exclusive, paid insurance
         arrival testing rules for vaccinated passengers.  scheme for members through Study & Protect,
           The government of the Philippines fully reopened for vaccinated   and it will be the responsibility of each school to
         tourists from April 1, with passengers no longer needing special   implement the Study & Protect PEL (Protection
         permission to enter. Eric Altman, a representative of English Philip-  of Enrolled Learners), or a similar product.
         pines, said the ELT sector was   MEI said, “We encourage agents to check
         hopeful, but would take some time to replicate the pre-pandemic   in with their partner schools to find out their
         growth it was experiencing. He also welcomed an increase in   particular arrangements for implementation as
         flights and said agent interest in key markets such as Japan   it will vary from school to school.”
         remained strong.                              The policy arranged with Study & Protect will
           South Korea ended quarantine periods for fully vaccinated   initially cover ILEP students on courses of 25
         passengers from April 1. And New Zealand brought   weeks or longer.
         forward the planned entry date for vaccinated tourists from visa-  MEI’s existing scheme covers all enrolled
         waiver countries to May 1.                  students, regardless of course length. The
           However, in Malta fully vaccinated passengers from ‘dark red’   association told ST Magazine that there will be
                                          countries still needed    forthcoming products to cover short-term and
                                          special permission to     young learner students.
                                          enter at the time of writ-  In a statement, MEI said the bonding scheme
                                          ing. ELT association FEL-  had successfully placed students, but that it
                                          TOM     “was a fraught and sometimes delayed process
                                          urged the government to   which gave rise to several concerns surrounding
                                          relax rules and said that   the viability of the scheme”.
                                          Malta needed to build       The current bonding scheme will continue for
                                          confidence with agents    all currently enrolled students and all students
                                          worldwide. Read more:     who start courses up to July 4 2022. Read more

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