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         AgenCy survey

         Canada was the preferred language study
         destination for students in 2021, according to
         Turkish agencies. But as more borders reopen
         there could be a levelling out in 2022.

                                                                             Key points
           Canan Sulac from                  2021
           Jolly education
           talks to us...                    Top destinations for              2,839
                                             language students
           “Our Study Abroad department                                      total number of students placed
           opened last August. 2020 and 2021     Canada                      overseas by the 14 agencies in
           years had the same difficulties,     30%                          our 2021 survey
           especially for language programmes,
           and then the Omicron variant was
           found (at the end of 2021). Almost       UK  19%                    134
           all students enrolled in 2020 did
           not accept the online programmes,     Ireland  17%                total number of students placed
           but it became a trend in 2021 and                                 on online courses in 2021
           university bookings increased in       Malta  10%
           2021. I believe that we will have   Germany  8%
           a productive year despite the         France  3%                    37%
           economy, high exchange rates and    Australia  2%
           long visa procedures."                Cyprus  1%                  average business increase
                                                  Spain  0.5%                between 2020 and 2021

           Guler Taylan                                                        1
           aker from Global                  Top destinations for
           Leaders says...                   language students               agency sent no students
                                                                             overseas in 2021
           “Everything was uncertain and           uK
           completely out of control in         38%
           2020, but in 2021 conditions                                        25%
           changed. Demand for high school
           and undergraduate/graduate                                        average commission agencies
           programmes increased. Co-op                                       received from language schools
           programmes got more attention         Canada  25%
           than we expected. The pandemic
           process is now getting over, but the                                73%
           global economic crisis has affected
           Turkey like every other country.      Ireland  11%                of respondents said that
           Exchange rate increases in Turkey                                 commission rates stayed
           are very variable, but despite this   Germany  6%                 the same between 2020
           demand is increasing."                 Malta  6%                  and 2021

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