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AgenCy Q&A                                                          AgenCy of the


         industry speAKs                                                     This month, UK

                                                                             Partners http://
         This issue, eren goker, President of Turkish                        ukpartners.
         agency association ued, talks to us about the                       com/ in
         current challenges and latest trends.                               Argentina        INTERNA TIONAL
                                                                             has been
                                                                             recommended by SCL International
                                                                             College https://staycampuslondon.
                                                                             com/ in the UK. James Birrell at the
                                                                             college explains why.

                                                                             James Birrell

                                                                             “UK Partners’
                                                                             excellent rapport and highly
                                                     communicative approach
                                                    with clients has enabled SCL
                                                                             International College to really
          number of members: 30                                              understand and respond
          Types of members: Turkish outbound agencies                        eff ectively to extraordinary
                                                                             student (and parent) travel
                                                                             concerns. Their pro-active and
          What’s the latest in the Turkish outbound agency sector?           solution-focused work ethic
          In the fi rst two months of 2022, the number of Turkish students who prefer   has been invaluable over recent
          study abroad has sharply increased compared to the same period of 2021. The   months, resulting in a swifter
          major factor behind this was normalisation steps taken in travel restrictions,   return to pre-pandemic student
          visa services and safety measures. Because even in summer 2020 there was   recruitment levels, appreciated
          demand for study abroad in the Turkish market but agencies were not able   no more so than by the students
          to turn this demand into bookings. People in Turkey are more positive about   themselves.”
          travel in 2022 than in 2021. I can even say they are more positive than many
          European nations. However, we now face diffi  culties with visa applications
          with very long processing times and increasing refusal rates.      Hernan piazzo,
                                                                             uK partners,
          The uK lost market share to Canada last year (in the               argentina
          language learning sector). Why is this do you think?
          This shift of demand to Canada is not only for language education. We can   “We are delighted to partner with a
          see the same tendency in higher education, too. Being more transparent   team like the one at SCL. They have
          about the Covid-19 spread in the country, the eff ectiveness of the measures   become colleagues and friends,
          activated by Canadian government and then hard work of the Canadian   truly people that we can trust with
          Foreign Missions located in Turkey were all very important reasons. But   the most important part of our job:
          this trend started to appear before Covid-19 so education quality, large   our students. We work together
          programme selection, post-study work opportunities and a clear and fast   in the best possible way because
          visa regime are also important. [As for other trends], high school/boarding   our joint objective is for people who
          school programmes started to be more popular and numbers for these are   choose our services to have the
          increasing constantly. But language is still the main product. Agencies just   best possible time in London. We are
          understood the importance of adding to their portfolios.           delighted to keep strengthening our
                                                                             partnership year after year and can’t
          Read more at:      wait to see what the future holds.”

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