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         industry speAKs                                                     STudenTS In uKRaIne

         This issue, Jodie gray, Chief Executive
         of english uK, talks to us about the                                Haitam Giat,
         association’s activities and how recent                             yes atlas www.
         lobbying efforts have centred around Covid-19             ,
         mitigations and immigration.                                        Middle east

                                                                             “We recruited around 18 students
                                                                             in 2021, mainly to major cities like
                                                                             Kyiv and Kharkiv. All our students
                                                                             were evacuated. Our partner in
                                                                             Ukraine has also fl ed to Poland.
                                                                             Their countries’ embassies took
                                                                             care of the travel arrangements. [As
                                                                             for Russia], new students are not
                                                  willing to consider Russia as a study
                                                 destination. As for current students,
                                                                             due to Covid-19, most have been
          number of members: 338                                             studying online – while the old
          Types of members: private and state eLT centres                    students, some are looking for new
                                                                             options but the majority are still in
                                                                             Russia and looking to continue their
          What has english uK been up to in the last 12 months?              education there."
          We’ve run our online StudyWorld events on a more regular basis and did a
          very popular face-to-face Marketing Conference on the South Bank last
          autumn. At the time of writing, we are planning our ELT and members’ confer-  Renee Stillings,
          ences as hybrid events. We are incredibly proud of our English with Confi -  SRaS https://
          dence agent-facing campaign, which is the place to get clear information, uSa
          on UK ELT and Covid-19 travel and visa requirements. We have partnered with
          the British Council and the Department for International Trade to promote   “The situation being broadcast
          this, amplifying the message beyond what we could do alone. Additionally,   about Ukraine in January (troops
          we’ve created a series of short campaign videos with DIT funding; launched   massing) was one where the neces-
          a new qualifi cation, the Certifi cate in ELT Student Experience Management;   sary approvals for students to go
          overhauled our Diploma in ELT Management qualifi cation; and launched our   abroad to Ukraine would not be pos-
          anti-racism and environmental action plans. As you’d expect, the eff ects   sible and we knew this. We agreed
          of the pandemic mean we have sadly lost some members. Fifteen per cent   on a plan early by which those
          have had to close or merge at a time when student volume declined by 75 per   students would either study online
          cent. That really shows you how resilient UK ELT is.               for four weeks or go to Kyrgyzstan
                                                                             for four weeks. We did [have clients
          What lobbying work has the association carried out?                in Russia], and we evacuated them
          We lobbied heavily for Covid Additional Relief Fund (CARF) guidance to specifi -  in late February either to Bishkek or
          cally name ELT as a benefi ciary, and while we were unsuccessful, the minister   back home to the USA. There was
          in the Lords did acknowledge that our sector was one which deserved to be   slowly increasing messaging from
          awarded CARF. Our lobbying on visas has led to a simplifi cation of the rules   the US Embassy, but we moved
          allowing ELT courses to be studied on visitor visas, and signifi cantly raised   before that really even ramped up.”
          the public profi le of the importance of ID card travel for under-18s.
                                                                             Read more at: https://studytravel.
          Read more at:      network/magazine/industry-issues

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