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                                                            n this issue you will find the results of our annual
                     02     News                            Global Agency Survey, which shows that language
                                                          Itravel business continued to decline in 2021, while
                                                           the secondary and higher education sectors showed
                     08  Educator association Q&A          some signs of recovery, albeit from a low baseline. A
                                                           noticeable change in the data shows that the UK was
                                                           no longer the most popular destination for language
                     09     Agency association Q&A         travellers in 2021, instead having to share the top spot
                                                           with Canada.  Bethan Norris, Senior Editor
                     10     Agency Survey: Turkey

                  s  13     Secondary Focus: Australia and    Key
                            New Zealand                    l    lAnguAge

                                                           s    secondAry
                     17     Special Report: Global Agency   t   tertiAry
                                                           A   AssociAted
                                                              l      studytrAvel stAtistics          13
                     21     Featured Schools +

                  A  23     Direction: Student insurance

                  l  27     Course Guide: On-campus English

                            in the USA                                                               35

                  l  29     Course Guide: French in the South
                            of France

                  l  31     Market Analysis: UK
                                                                        23                             2

                     35     Grapevine

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