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         WorldWide                                                   mArCh’s

 :+<                                                                 most reAd stories on

 &+226(                                                                 1  Institutions off er

                                                                           courses and scholar-
 $1 (1*/,6+                                                                ships for Ukrainian

 6&+22/   expanish opens new                                            2  International education sector grapples

                                                                           with Ukraine crisis
 :+(1 <28   52<$/52$'6 &$  centre in Madrid                            3   New Zealand confi rms details of 5,000
              panish language provider
                                                                           international student cohort
              Expanish https://expanish.
 &$1 +$9(   Scom has expanded with a new                         
 &       school in Madrid.
           The Madrid centre is the third for Expanish, which was founded in   UK school off ers free online lessons for
 0                                                                     4
 $1 (17,5(   in 2017 with a campus in Barcelona.
 <       2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and established a presence in Spain   Ukrainian children
 &0        Expanish Madrid is located in the Salamanca region of the city,
 0<      three blocks from the Park de Retiro, and housed over two fl oors in   5  Ukraine crisis: comments from the study
 &<      a recently renovated building. The centre features 11 classrooms   travel industry
 &0<     and a student common area, as well as computers and tablets for
         student use.
           Agustin Vignale, Director of Expanish, said, “The last few years   6  Visa and application data signal more
         have been challenging ones for all in our industry, and I am proud that   positive signs for UK HE
 %XVLQHVV (QJOLVK  6XPPHU 3URJUDPV  Expanish was able to survive and thrive during the worst of it. Madrid
         is one of the best destinations to study in Spain, so it was a natural
 6XUILQJ  6NLLQJ  choice for us to open our third school there.”  7  ILSC and ELS announce merger

 $SSOLHG (QJOLVK  0DNLQJ )ULHQGV                                 
 0RUH WKDQ D FLW\  english path opens
 9LFWRULD LV D VDIH DQG VPDOO FLW\   new centre in Malta               8   Russian agents issue statement as
 ZLWK DQ HQWLUH LVODQG DQG DWWUDF   lAnguAge     tertiAry                  tests suspended and associations warn
                                                                           against bans
 WLRQV WR H[SORUH  LT provider English Path www.
   , part of the
         EGlobal Education (Gedu) group,                               9   Australian associations look to agents as
         has offi  cially opened a new campus in Malta, its sixth centre.  sector starts recovery
 0RUH WKDQ D FODVVURRP  English Path was established last year with four schools in the

 6WXG\ $SSOLHG  /HDGHUVKLS DQG   UK and a campus in Dubai, and the new English Path Malta centre   MEI to end tuition protection scheme,
         – located in St Julian’s - provides students with “a relaxed, seaside
 /HDUQ PRUH DERXW (QJOLVK   %XVLQHVV (QJOLVK SURJUDPV DW RQH   environment in which to improve their English”, the provider said.   10  unveils new policy for members
 DQG VXPPHU SURJUDPV   RI WKH PRVW EHDXWLIXO XQLYHUVLW\   The school features a rooftop terrace for students with views of
 RIIHUHG DW WKH *OREDO /HDUQ   the Mediterranean, six classrooms, communal spaces, a library and
 LQJ DQG /DQJXDJH &HQWUH  ORFDWLRQV LQ &DQDGD   student study area, and a dedicated student services offi  ce on site.   Read full news stories online...
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