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neW ZeAlAnd

         And AustrAliA

         seCondAry foCus

         With the Australian borders now fully open for tourists and
         students and New Zealand announcing plans for a staged reopening
         of its borders throughout the rest of 2022, secondary education
         providers in these countries are hopeful that international
         recruitment can begin again after a two-year hiatus. Bethan Norris
         finds out providers’ hopes for the rest of the year and beyond.


              fter a two-year period of   and agents for secondary                    studies. “I think travel in
              no international student    programmes have                               general is still being
         Arecruitment at secondary        been starting to                                thought through,”
         schools in Australia and New Zealand,   arrive. Megan Kong                        she says. “With
         news that the borders would finally   from Christchurch                           the UK, USA and
         re-open earlier this year was greeted   Girls’ High School                         Canada having
         with enthusiasm by schools and   www.cghs.                                         more open
         agent recruiters alike. Michael Bos in New                             borders and
         from Moreton Bay College www.mbc.  Zealand says, “We                              less restrictions, in Australia says, “We   have had interest                             the New Zealand
         are already seeing an increase in   in enrolment right                           market may have
         enquiries and demand. From a small   through the border                        taken quite a hit. New
         cohort size of 12 students, we are   closures, however,                      Zealand has also been
         expecting growth to 25 by April 2022.   as soon as the border            quite isolated and while this
         These are the brave early adopters   re-opening was announced, within   has been good for our health system,
         and as parents and students become   hours we were getting emails from   it hasn’t been good for our industry,
         more confident, we anticipate these   agents making enquiries and from   tourism and other export/import
         numbers to grow even further and are   students that had been waiting for the   industries. Hopefully it won’t take too
         hopeful of reaching a cohort size of   borders to re-open. Most enrolments   long for things to swing into action.”
         40 by the end of 2022. Also, we have   are looking at 2023 as this gives them   And with continued uncertainty
         had a number of requests for           time to prepare and they can   about the future, some providers
         study tours – summer                       be sure the borders will   believe that enrolments will remain
         camps – for July                              be open by then.”   slow this year. Megan says, “I do feel
         and August. We                                    Colleen Steyn   that agents and students are wary of
         anticipate growth                                from Middleton   the New Zealand government closing
         in this area, too.”                              Grange School    the borders again and students
           In New Zealand                                  www.middleton.  getting stuck. Students want to
         too, where a                             in New   ensure they can commence their
         limited cohort                                    Zealand believes   study programme and do not want
         of student visa                                   that it will take   to have to change plans at the last
         holders were                                     time for students   minute like we saw with enrolments in
         expected to apply                               and their parents   2020, so I feel that students/
         to arrive from April,                         to be fully confident   families/agents are waiting to
         enquiries from parents                      about travelling for their   see if the border opening goes

         Photo left: Christchurch Girls High School  May/June 2022         Photo right: Middleton Grange School  13
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